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In person or not?


Classes will be for 5 days. All schools will have a blended model; some of the learning will be done in person and the other part will be remotely. Families can choose all-remote learning. If families choose all remote learning, you will have to tell your child’s school by Friday, August 7th. To fill out the form click here. If at any point you make the decision for your child to take part in blended learning, you have to opt back in on a quarterly basis starting in November.

There are two (2) upcoming info session Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday August 27th. You can register for either date here


Here is a quick break down:

Remote Learning Full Time

children will have live instruction everyday,

the amount of live instruction will be based on

DOE will try their best to keep the same instructor throughout the school year,

will have whole group, small and or individual instruction

have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and peers

Blended Learning:

is a combination of in person and remote learning

children will attend their school part of the week and the other part will be done remotely

will have the opportunity for whole calls, small group and individual work

will have the ability to collaborate with teachers and peers

For Either Choice:

teachers will give regular check-ins and timely feedback using: phone calls, video conferencing, emailing, etc,

families and children will be able to access one-to-one support

children will have access to video recorded lessons, task and assignments,

can use either google classroom or iLearnNYC

Social-emotional learning that will focus on mental health and wellness for children and staff.

you can find the information on the department of educations website

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