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A New Chancellor: Now?!

With everything that is going on with NYC schools we need to add a new Chancellor who will be starting March 15th, her name is Meisha Porter.

Here is an article written by Calkbeat about NYC new Chancellor. In case you don't have a lot of time to read different articles let me sum it up for you.

Chancellor Porter has been involved with NYC Public Schools for a very long time starting as a student and then working her way up from teacher to principal, to executive superintendent in the Bronx and now NYC Schools new Chancellor . It is unclear whether she will remain our Chancellor after a New Mayor is elected (in the next 10 months). What is clear, is that Chancellor Porter has a lot of ground to cover. According to her tweets it seems as if Chancellor Porter is ready for the tasks ahead of her.

What is one of her first order of business? you may ask , As you know, elementary and middle schools buildings are open but high schools have been closed since November 2020 and there is no word as to when high schools will be opening. Chancellor Porter has stated that they are working to get high schools open. “We’ll expand the learning opportunities and do more to address trauma and academic needs, because we know that that is very real.”

We haven't heard what plans are in place for families of students with disabilities but we are hopeful the chancellor has and will include families as they work on expanding learning opportunities. As information continues to comes out we will share with you. -AH

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