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Upcoming Workshops

May 17, 2022 starting at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Preparing for Employment


This webinar will be presented by NTACT- The Collaborative and geared towards Families, Youth with disabilities and Adult System Representatives. To register click here.  If you have any questions reach out to Dawn Manaco at

[Photo ID: Group of 4 adults from left to right: Female with brown up-do hair style wearing a white tank-top with a glass cup smiling and looking at the camera, Man with short black hair wearing a plaid button down shirt looking at the camera and smiling. Female with redish-brown hair long hair wearing a yellow tank top smiling at the camera. Man, with short brown hair wearing a blue t-shirt holding a glass cup with a straw, smiling while looking at the camera. End ID]

Family Presentation VR Part 2 flyer.jpg

The Department of Education will be hosting a Special Education Family Forum on May 23, 2022. Click here to register.

[Photo ID: Blue with dark blue outline of New York City skyline. A white rectangle with the title "Family Guide to Special Education Services For School-Age Children. Below the rectangle, there are 4 circles with pictures. In circle 1: two school age girls sitting at a desk with their hair up in a bun wearing jean jackets, looking down at their paper writing. In circle 2: a young man with short brown hair wearing glasses wearing a dark long sleeve shirt holding a violin smiling. The 3rd circle: a young man sitting at a desk in a wheelchair wearing a green long sleeve shirt  looking ahead of him. The 4th circle: The New York City Department of Education logo. End ID]

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