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We understand this pandemic is overwhelming and stressful.  Here are some links to keep you updated on whats going on.  We have given links that will direct you to NYC Department of Education Remote Learning page.  The Remote Learning page has great information and suggestions for you to do at home with the kiddos.

For updated information on COVID-19

For updated information on whats going on in education

If your family gets Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and you have school aged children.  or if your family doesn't get SNAP but have school aged children. Your family will get P-SNAP benefits for each child age (5-18). Click above to be directed to the "Frequently Asked Questions" to learn more.

Gives families and educators resources to support all learners including students with disabilities and language learners.

For a list of where to go to receive free meals .

The New York Public Libraries website have a wealth of information, information that focuses on the communities, families youth and children alike.  

PAAutism .org has a great social story about the importance of  wearing a mask.  You can choose to read the social story all at once or break it down and do it little by little. 

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