Training & Learning

TeachingLearningTraining and Learning materials available from United We Stand of New York are presented in this section.

United We Stand of New York workshops are generally offered free of charge to parents, support groups, community organizations/ agencies, schools and others as our resources allow.  Special fee arrangements may be made when an individual or group wishes to sponsor a workshop outside of our established parameters.  We appreciate the generosity of local parent groups, organizations/agencies and schools who host a United We Stand of New York workshop to enable us to reach families throughout the state.  Please contact us at (718) 302-4313 for more information on hosting a workshop.

The following is a list of workshops we provide :

Special Education Mediation

504 VS IEP

Due Process

Challenging Behaviors /FBA BIP

Understanding your Child’s IEP

Special Education Basics


Early Childhood Transition

Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy

Discipline / Special Education & Suspensions


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