Like every good organization, we need support. We have existed for 21 years servicing our consumers and client with contributions from you. We thank you for your support, but we require more assistance. Why don’t you give and support United We Stand of New York while making a huge difference in someone’s life. And the best part, it is tax deductible.
We have different methods you can use to give a donation. You can donate online, by mail or you can phone in your pledge. We have listed all the different methods. We need your support. We thank you.



Mailing address for checks:
United We Stand of New York, LTD
91 Harrison Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Donate By Phone:
Telephone: (718) 302- 4313

Why work with UWS?

  • Top reasons for Donating
  • Donate through your work
  • Your Company can help
  • Your Church can help
  • Send a Gift

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