History & Mission

Our History

United We Stand of N.Y., LTD. (UWS), originally founded in 1990, is a community-based parent support program to serve culturally diverse families who have children with disabilities in the Brooklyn, New York. In 2005 UWS established its first Satellite as a way to enhance its delivery of service. UWS now has satellite offices in Red Hook, Sunset Park, Canarsie in Brooklyn and in the Morisania section of the Bronx. UWS is directed and staffed by parents who have a child with disability and by an individual with a disability, all residence of Brooklyn as well as in the South Bronx communities. UWS provides information and support to underserved families whose disability-related needs are complicated by poverty and cultural or linguistic diversity.

Our Mission

ParentPerspectivesThe mission of UWS is to promote in the community and school system attitudes and practices that are inclusive of persons with disabilities, and that are culturally and linguistically responsive to diversity, and to ensure that parents are knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other statutes and regulations.

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